26th FIRN – In english

Journeying, is it escaping? To leave is it to exile? To disappear, is it only to flee?

When the quest becomes an investigation, the Roman noir this delinquent literature, embraces adventure literature, the epic story, the legend, whether through the westerns of yesteryear or today, on the seas with pirates from yesterday or present day, or on the highways and side roads.

The 26th FIRN proposes to interrogate through round tables, workshops, meetings and readings, the faces of the adventurer which can also mask that of the settler, the spy or the soldier; to shake up the stereotypes of popular literature – from Tom Sawyer to Tarzan, from Robinson Crusoe to Captain Nemo – and to question motionless journeys, castles in the air and dead ends.

For this 26th edition, the FIRN will gather together for the festival, thirty one novelists from all over the polar planet, and in addition ten more novelist for its literary promenades that take place throughout the year.

The evasion literature has never so well lived up to its name and you have a Rendez-vous at Frontignan, from June 23 to 25.

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